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As a local small business, based in the city of Dubbo in rural New South Wales, Trivector Design Studio works with a range of diverse clients to help create their unique visual brand, delivering the clear identity that allows them to stand out from, and be recognised in, the crowd.


Hi - I'm Jess

When I set up my company, specialising in branding and web design, the driving force was my complete passion for helping local small businesses like yours make the most of their strengths and present a powerful image across our community.

I'm a professional graphic designer by trade, and a strong supporter and huge fan of the terrific local companies we have here, both in Dubbo, and across rural NSW. Having worked in the visual communications industry for more than decade, I've gained hard-won experience in disciplines such as commercial photography, effective marketing, and stand-out design.

I like to build close business relationships with my clients and I always wish for their success and growth just as much as they do themselves.

Now, let's talk about you

I'd love to hear about your business and your next digital project. Of course, such a discussion is obligation-free on your part; but it gives us the chance to understand each other, and then carefully assess if and how we could work together to make that striking impression!

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