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Developing your unique logo and visual brand identity

You want your products, services or company to be instantly identifiable and immediately recognised. You'd like to be a standout; one where people know what you stand for, as well as instantly identify the products or services you deliver. You'd like a range of positive reactions matched to such recognition. We'd like to help, but, despite what many people believe, it's more than just a logo!

Logos that leave a lasting impression

Not a bad place to start though! You want a logo that can only be you, that can be recognised instantly, that builds its own niche, securing your brand identity in the memories of all your current and potential product buyers or service users. An effective logo is crisp and modern, and is often much more sophisticated than it seems, however simple the graphic presentation appears to be. Sadly, it's not unknown for start-ups to create their own logo - often in a hurry and as an afterthought. To be frank, many self-created logos appeal more to the person developing them than those who have to recognise and act on the image!

Beyond the logo - crafting that detailed visual identity

Your identity is a combination of many vital visual elements, each working with the other to deliver a cohesive impression. This creates that vital initial brand recognition, and then reiterates, develops and builds this on every subsequent viewing. Over time, rapport is gained and trust developed in a memorable way, one that keeps your products or services 'top-of-mind' and instantly recalled whenever they need to be.

How we deliver a 'style guide' for your branding activities

Bringing all these logo and visual identity elements together, we work with our clients to craft a clear definition of their style, allowing them to control the impactful presentation of their brand, and branding activities, across their website, a range of online platforms, printed documents, and company signage.

How we can work with you?

To find out how we can put the above in place for your business, whether as a new start, or as a rebranding for an established name, we are happy to start with an obligation-free discussion. So, if you want to make an effective impression on the world, simply send us a message below.

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